Blog 10: Story

I searched and searched through tons of newsy videos and articles. I couldn’t find a thing that I was not only interested in, but also capable of writing a story on. An hour later and 45 videos deep, I came across THE one. I have decided to write my fourth story on the Newsy video “Asking For A Friend: How Do You Deal with an Ex”.

I was intrigued in the video as well as what it held within its walls. I thought about ways for me to take this video and turn it into something great. I have decided to try and turn this into a service journalism story. I want to write it to help girls in their early 20’s get over their ex or even a significant person in their life.

I’m hoping that it works out well, and that I can make a great story out of the already great story.


Today, I looked over and explored and the blog posts. Going into this I half expected it to be just like any other typical new website. Full of information that didn’t grab my attention and 3 to 4 page stories that fill the entire website. Instead of going to the site and feeling bombarded, I was greeted with cleanliness and an organized site.

Newsy has their site divided up into categories and topics. Things such as TV/Film, Politics, Social Issues, etc., all of which are up to date and accurate postings. They are all accurate postings about things going on, and are only a page or two long. This way people receive all the beneficial information and can still go on about their day quickly.

I also had a chance to look at the blog postings from this website. They are once again accurate and to the point. This website is one that is all around beneficial to the fast paced lifestyle. It is very well put together and is organized efficiently. This will most likely become my go to website for quick and updated news.

Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal News is something that is found all over the world. I took the time to visit three different hyperlocal news sites and look over what their sites entailed. I chose to look at a few websites that popped up when typing in hyperlocal news.

These three sites all have quite a bit in common, but most importantly they all focus on what is happening directly in their specific communities. I have found that there are about 3 things that they all have in common. One of those is the influence of community voices. This means that they capture the thoughts and voices of the citizens in their community. They also allow for citizen journalists to submit their writing for possible publishing on their site and in their paper.

The second thing that I noticed a lot of was community calendars. By posting these community calendars on their websites, it allows the citizens to be able to see what all is going on in their communities. These also help to get the community together and socializing.

The last thing that I typically found on these hyperlocal news sites was links to their social media pages as well as contact information for leads on stories. By having these social media pages connected to their websites, it gives them the opportunity to reach out in more ways than just their website. This gives them more of a chance to reach a larger audience as well as different age groups.

These are what I have observed that majority of these news websites have on their pages. Hyperlocal news is everywhere and is something that can be very popular in a community.


As you probably now know, I am so passionate about agriculture and all that holds true to it. I think that for my photojournalism project, I would like to uncover what agriculture is like. I want to show the reader what I get to see every day. I get to see agriculture at my home, in the grocery store and even on my way to work in Tampa.

I want to show that agriculture is absolutely everywhere and that no matter what, we will always be surrounded by it. I want to capture images that get people thinking. I want images that intrigue people. I want to show people the reality behind agriculture.

This is what I am planning to do for my photojournalism project, hopefully all goes well and I can capture images that show the real side of agriculture.

Service Journalism Story

leftsidegraphics1  With the Florida State Fair here and tons of people from all over the state coming to visit, I thought it would be a good idea to write my story on one of the biggest parts of the fair in my eyes. I have always loved agriculture (considering it’s my major) and I have always loved taking part in the livestock shows at the state fair.

For my story, I will be explaining and talking about the history behind the agricultural aspects of the state fair as well as the history of the livestock shows. It has always been interesting to me, and I hope that I am able to find information on this subject easily. Luckily, I have connections within the Agribusiness department of the Florida State Fair. I plan on using my connections as well as the website and other resources to continue my search on the history of the Florida State Fair.


I absolutely cannot wait to find out more about this specific topic, and what exactly is held within the history of the livestock at the State Fair.

What time is it? FAIR TIME!

Your driving down the interstate, you see the bright lights of the ferris wheel shining and you hear the laughter of the people eating and spending time together. You can almost taste the French fries, donut burgers and fresh squeezed lemonade. You absolutely cannot wait to go and visit the Florida State Fair the next chance you get. The fair only takes up 12 days of the entire month of February, but there are enough rides, exhibits and enticing eats to take up the entire month. The fair is fit for family days, a day away from stress for the parents or even a girls night with your bestfriends. They have everything from food to fuzzy animals and I promise you will want to visit it any chance that you get. In 1904, the South Florida Fair Association was formed and plans for a new exhibition were proposed. The fair was founded as the South Florida Fair in downtown Tampa and renamed the Mid-Winter Festival a few years later. The name finally changed to the present Florida State Fair in 1915.

I would need to figure out why the named changed? Who originally thought of the idea of the fair? Also what has changed since the opening of the fair in 1904?


Preparing for the Interview

Last week, I got the chance to sit down and talk to an Advanced Marine Mammal Training Intern named Kiersten Bass. In my 19 years on this earth, I have only had to interview someone for a story only once before, and this time it was really different. I had no idea how to prepare, so I sat down and decided to think about what my audience would want to read about, what they might be interested in, as well as thinking about what kind of questions would give me the best responses from Kiersten. I had to make sure that all my questions were written out and that I knew exactly what I wanted to ask and the order I planned on asking them in. Luckily, Kiersten answered every question with ease and with a great amount of information. I chose Kiersten because of what she does and how passionate she is about what she gets to take part in everyday. I got to hear Kiersten talk so fondly of her internship with Clearwater Marine Aquarium when I had asked if she would be willing to take part in the interview process, and from then I knew that she could help me create a great story!

During the interview, I really had no issues at all. I planned everything out, had all of my questions ready and met Kiersten with a smile on my face. Everything (luckily) went exactly as planned. I absolutely cannot wait for everyone to be able to read my story and see just what got me so excited about getting to know Kiersten and her job so much better.