Interview Time

At the moment, every one is getting closer and closer to deciding who they are going to be interviewing. As of now, I’m stuck between two possibilities and it’s been really hard to try to figure out just who I want to interview and write about. My first candidate is a 19-year-old girl named Kiersten who is an advanced intern at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. She spends all of her time at the aquarium behind the scenes taking care of all the marine animals and cleaning their tanks. The thing that really intrigues me about being able to interview Kiersten is her experience and one on one time with Winter the dolphin. I have a couple of questions that I think would be good to be able to ask her and learn some more on what she does. I would ask how she got the chance to take an internship as big as this, and also what her daily duties and responsibilities are. By asking her questions like this, it can help me to put the reader right in her shoes and show them just how cool it can be to take care of the animals at the marine aquarium.

My other candidate is one that I never would have thought to interview, she is none other than what they call a “pirate queen”. If you’re like me, you probably have never even heard of something like this. I got to ask her a couple questions already so that I could better understand what exactly it meant to be a pirate queen. While she sounds like royalty, she actually is part of “Krewe” that does volunteer work throughout central Florida throughout the year. They also take part in Gasparilla and do events and things in Tampa Bay. Every year they elect a pirate king and queen based on how much charity work and money that person has earned for the Krewe’s scholarship program. Based on that, she was elected. I would ask her questions regarding how she got into doing this and what makes her want to continue taking part in this every year.

I believe both of these girls would be good candidates to write a story on. They both do incredible things, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what I learn from them in the near future! I hope you guys can help me choose as well, in the comments, let me know which you’d rather hear about!

Who is Haley?

24131532_1768586386508080_348454696055285441_nHey everybody.

My name is Haley Flack and I’m 19 years old and 1 of 6 kids. I have 3 brothers, 3 sister, a mom, a dad and a stepdad. My family is definitely one of the biggest parts of my life. I live in what many would consider the “country”. Our property is a couple acres that holds a barn and close to 15 cows. Since I was 8 years old I have been heavily involved in agriculture and its practices. I began by showing pigs and chickens at the local county fair. I then graduated to showing beef cattle and steers.

I am a 2016 graduate of Strawberry Crest High School, and while I was still going to school here, I was very heavily active in our agricultural communications classes. It was sitting in the ag comm 2 class that I discovered my absolute love and adoration for the ideas behind agricultural communications. I have always loved to write and I have always had a passion for agriculture and the people behind the scenes. I always heard about how the agriculture industry was so awful. I heard how it practiced corruptly and how it shouldn’t be supported. While this does happen, it is hardly ever happening. I decided then and there that I was going to educated people the real faces and practices within agriculture through my writing. I wanted to use my ability to write to stand up and defend those who provide us with our food and commodities.

I plan to finish up my last semester at HCC and then start classes at the University of Florida in the fall.  I am currently majoring in Agricultural Communications and Leadership Development and I love every minute of it.  I currently work as a receptionist at a lumber yard out in Tampa, but thats definitely not where I see myself in the future. I absolutely cannot wait to finish school and be working in a field where I can proudly say that I love what I do.

So, this is me. I am, in short, and agriculture loving, passionate writer. I am Haley.