Preparing for the Interview

Last week, I got the chance to sit down and talk to an Advanced Marine Mammal Training Intern named Kiersten Bass. In my 19 years on this earth, I have only had to interview someone for a story only once before, and this time it was really different. I had no idea how to prepare, so I sat down and decided to think about what my audience would want to read about, what they might be interested in, as well as thinking about what kind of questions would give me the best responses from Kiersten. I had to make sure that all my questions were written out and that I knew exactly what I wanted to ask and the order I planned on asking them in. Luckily, Kiersten answered every question with ease and with a great amount of information. I chose Kiersten because of what she does and how passionate she is about what she gets to take part in everyday. I got to hear Kiersten talk so fondly of her internship with Clearwater Marine Aquarium when I had asked if she would be willing to take part in the interview process, and from then I knew that she could help me create a great story!

During the interview, I really had no issues at all. I planned everything out, had all of my questions ready and met Kiersten with a smile on my face. Everything (luckily) went exactly as planned. I absolutely cannot wait for everyone to be able to read my story and see just what got me so excited about getting to know Kiersten and her job so much better.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Interview

  1. I love animals so I really like that you chose to do your interview on this. I’m glad your interview went well with Kiersten and i cant wait to read your interview. Also, I should really check out the Clearwater Marine Aquarium considering I’ve lived here my whole life and never been.


  2. Haley,
    I think that it is awesome how much you prepared and how much thought you put into preparing. I wish I would have done what you did and thought about the way my audience would want to hear things, because that was one of my biggest struggles. I am very excited to read your story, and I am really glad that your interview with Kiersten went great!


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