What time is it? FAIR TIME!

Your driving down the interstate, you see the bright lights of the ferris wheel shining and you hear the laughter of the people eating and spending time together. You can almost taste the French fries, donut burgers and fresh squeezed lemonade. You absolutely cannot wait to go and visit the Florida State Fair the next chance you get. The fair only takes up 12 days of the entire month of February, but there are enough rides, exhibits and enticing eats to take up the entire month. The fair is fit for family days, a day away from stress for the parents or even a girls night with your bestfriends. They have everything from food to fuzzy animals and I promise you will want to visit it any chance that you get. In 1904, the South Florida Fair Association was formed and plans for a new exhibition were proposed. The fair was founded as the South Florida Fair in downtown Tampa and renamed the Mid-Winter Festival a few years later. The name finally changed to the present Florida State Fair in 1915.

I would need to figure out why the named changed? Who originally thought of the idea of the fair? Also what has changed since the opening of the fair in 1904?



5 thoughts on “What time is it? FAIR TIME!

  1. Oh my gosh, Haley! I am already excited to read your story!! All of the details are something that, in my opinion, really help a story and I love all of your descriptive ones. I love how much you already know about the fairs history, and know you will definitely have an amazing story once you get all of the added information figured out!


  2. Girl! I can’t wait to go to the fair. I want to go eat the fried bad stuff that taste so good. I enjoyed your introduction. I also liked how you threw in some fun facts . I too can almost taste the french fries. The only time I eat a corndog is at the fair and I am looking forward to it too. Good luck and may the force be with you on this story.


  3. I cant wait for the fair especially when you describe it like that. For me the fair is a tradition for me, its where i went on my first date its also where i made the best memories with close friends. I’m also writing a piece about the fair and its history. I’m excited to see how yours turns out as well and what other cool facts you found out about the fair.


  4. Hello Haley! I have always loved the fair, and all that it has to offer, it does help to relieve much stress especially with school. There so much that could be done at the fair and I can’t wait to hear more about this story. I especially found it interesting that the name of the now Florida State Fair changed so many times.


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