As you probably now know, I am so passionate about agriculture and all that holds true to it. I think that for my photojournalism project, I would like to uncover what agriculture is like. I want to show the reader what I get to see every day. I get to see agriculture at my home, in the grocery store and even on my way to work in Tampa.

I want to show that agriculture is absolutely everywhere and that no matter what, we will always be surrounded by it. I want to capture images that get people thinking. I want images that intrigue people. I want to show people the reality behind agriculture.

This is what I am planning to do for my photojournalism project, hopefully all goes well and I can capture images that show the real side of agriculture.


2 thoughts on “Photojournalism

  1. Haley,
    Fascinating, I just read another Word Press post about another young lady, Emily who is an Ag person. You seem to have a different interest though. You want to show the reader how important and imperative agriculture is to society as a whole. It certainly is. What you see at home, on your way into class and in the stores is simply a small portion. It is a worldwide endeavor and to those people who are involved, kudos. As a society we all need to be a bit more involved. What Monsato is doing to our food is criminal and everyone should be up in arms about it. Keep posting!


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