Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal News is something that is found all over the world. I took the time to visit three different hyperlocal news sites and look over what their sites entailed. I chose to look at a few websites that popped up when typing in hyperlocal news.

These three sites all have quite a bit in common, but most importantly they all focus on what is happening directly in their specific communities. I have found that there are about 3 things that they all have in common. One of those is the influence of community voices. This means that they capture the thoughts and voices of the citizens in their community. They also allow for citizen journalists to submit their writing for possible publishing on their site and in their paper.

The second thing that I noticed a lot of was community calendars. By posting these community calendars on their websites, it allows the citizens to be able to see what all is going on in their communities. These also help to get the community together and socializing.

The last thing that I typically found on these hyperlocal news sites was links to their social media pages as well as contact information for leads on stories. By having these social media pages connected to their websites, it gives them the opportunity to reach out in more ways than just their website. This gives them more of a chance to reach a larger audience as well as different age groups.

These are what I have observed that majority of these news websites have on their pages. Hyperlocal news is everywhere and is something that can be very popular in a community.


2 thoughts on “Hyperlocal News

  1. Hi Hayley. I had never heard of this until I did this assignment so I did not know it was found all over the world. That is very interesting! I’m glad you were able to find more stuff than I could. I just found a lot of info about different ones but not many specific ones. Great job!


  2. Hello Haley,
    I didn’t know hyperlocal news websites existed everywhere until this blog post. I also think that adding social media accounts to the hyperlocal news website is a very smart move. I believe it makes the website more reliable that it’s also available on different platforms.


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