Today, I looked over and explored and the blog posts. Going into this I half expected it to be just like any other typical new website. Full of information that didn’t grab my attention and 3 to 4 page stories that fill the entire website. Instead of going to the site and feeling bombarded, I was greeted with cleanliness and an organized site.

Newsy has their site divided up into categories and topics. Things such as TV/Film, Politics, Social Issues, etc., all of which are up to date and accurate postings. They are all accurate postings about things going on, and are only a page or two long. This way people receive all the beneficial information and can still go on about their day quickly.

I also had a chance to look at the blog postings from this website. They are once again accurate and to the point. This website is one that is all around beneficial to the fast paced lifestyle. It is very well put together and is organized efficiently. This will most likely become my go to website for quick and updated news.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Haley!
    I was not expecting NEWSY to be the way it is. I also think the website is very well organized and it is very clean. It is cool that you mentioned NEWSY will be your to go site for news because I feel the same way!


  2. Hey Haley, I agree with you when you say that most websites are sometimes boring and really lengthy, and I thought this website was going to be like that, but it wasn’t. I think they it is very organized and it has a lot of relevant information. I really liked how they were in their specific categories and the videos were short and to the point.


  3. Hi Haley, I also thought that NEWSY was going to be just like every other news website. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked it. I agree that it is a perfect website for a fast-paced lifestyle. I will be using it again.


  4. Hi Haley,
    I recall my first venture into I can say with no guilt that some stories just, well they are just boring. I think it may be me. i am terribly sarcastic and I think that should lighten up a bit. N
    Now do not confuse this post as bad Newsy. Consider the idea of the staff lightening their spin.
    Then again, what am I thinking? Every news company has a slant or bias. If you were to switch back and forth between CNN (liberal) and Fox News (conservative), I believe you would agree.
    Best of luck as you enter this next adventure.


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