Blog 10: Story

I searched and searched through tons of newsy videos and articles. I couldn’t find a thing that I was not only interested in, but also capable of writing a story on. An hour later and 45 videos deep, I came across THE one. I have decided to write my fourth story on the Newsy video “Asking For A Friend: How Do You Deal with an Ex”.

I was intrigued in the video as well as what it held within its walls. I thought about ways for me to take this video and turn it into something great. I have decided to try and turn this into a service journalism story. I want to write it to help girls in their early 20’s get over their ex or even a significant person in their life.

I’m hoping that it works out well, and that I can make a great story out of the already great story.


3 thoughts on “Blog 10: Story

  1. Hey Haley, I find this topic very interesting. There are many girls out there that can’t get over that one ex, and I feel like this will help them. I didn’t come across this video, but I can’t wait to hear your story.


    1. Sorry it submitted when I hit enter.** Hi Haley, I too found that video and was interested in doing my project based off of the NEWSY series. I can’t wait to see what the outcome of your project looks like!


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