Who is Haley?

24131532_1768586386508080_348454696055285441_nHey everybody.

My name is Haley Flack and I’m 19 years old and 1 of 6 kids. I have 3 brothers, 3 sister, a mom, a dad and a stepdad. My family is definitely one of the biggest parts of my life. I live in what many would consider the “country”. Our property is a couple acres that holds a barn and close to 15 cows. Since I was 8 years old I have been heavily involved in agriculture and its practices. I began by showing pigs and chickens at the local county fair. I then graduated to showing beef cattle and steers.

I am a 2016 graduate of Strawberry Crest High School, and while I was still going to school here, I was very heavily active in our agricultural communications classes. It was sitting in the ag comm 2 class that I discovered my absolute love and adoration for the ideas behind agricultural communications. I have always loved to write and I have always had a passion for agriculture and the people behind the scenes. I always heard about how the agriculture industry was so awful. I heard how it practiced corruptly and how it shouldn’t be supported. While this does happen, it is hardly ever happening. I decided then and there that I was going to educated people the real faces and practices within agriculture through my writing. I wanted to use my ability to write to stand up and defend those who provide us with our food and commodities.

I plan to finish up my last semester at HCC and then start classes at the University of Florida in the fall.  I am currently majoring in Agricultural Communications and Leadership Development and I love every minute of it.  I currently work as a receptionist at a lumber yard out in Tampa, but thats definitely not where I see myself in the future. I absolutely cannot wait to finish school and be working in a field where I can proudly say that I love what I do.

So, this is me. I am, in short, and agriculture loving, passionate writer. I am Haley.



4 thoughts on “Who is Haley?

  1. Hello Haley,

    Being able to choose a major that you are passionate about is amazing. Agricultural Communications and Leadership Development seems very interesting. I am also transferring to USF soon and I can’t wait! I wish you the best of luck in your future learning journey.


  2. Hi i’m Lizbeth, I really enjoyed your blog. I found it interesting how you mentioned leadership as one of the things that you mentioned that you’re involved in with Ag, is Leadership Development because with first hand experience since I teach a Leadership Course I know how stepping up and being a person of example and an overall leader is something truly amazing. I really enjoyed your Blog!


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